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Discovering you like reading at the age of 21 is embarrassing, I’ve come late to a huge party that been going on for the last couple of centuries.

Its not like I didn’t know books exist, I have read before, I’m doing a masters in systems biology. Its more, I never understood doing it for entertainment, I think I did in my early teenage years, but once I got to uni and reading became my life. I always thought why would I read when all I’ve done is read for the last 8 hours.

Well that way of thinking all changed on the 2 hour train journey I take there and back to uni. Trains are dull places, after the first month or two sat with my own thoughts, or attempting to access the internet with shit all connection I soon got sick of it and caved into literature. 

Now I’m into it I have discovered its so fucking expensive! Having done science for the whole of my adult life I learnt how to read quick. Reading was a problem or is, the time taken to read a journal entry or paper is precious time taken away from doing the thing you sort out the paper in the first place. Owing to that I read 1-2 books a week, that leaves me between 52 and 104 books a year, per book most are around £4.99 or for you Americans out there like $5.50(ish) off Amazon. That’s like a shit ton of cash per year. With shit been an accurate figure when doing the maths without a calculator also became an embarrassing endeavour. 

Money is the first problem, the second is where do I keep them! My shelves are full. These problems lead me to buying a Kindle Paperwhite, it comes next week. I save per book about £2 or $2.50, good amounts except I worked out when I finish my master, and get a real job I will gain shit loads of time. Shit loads been the weekends I have to study on, this mean the Kindle is enabling my addiction. I’m going to read myself to poverty.

On that note I will end this fruitless post, unless like me reading is now your obsession then you may have enjoyed this poor show of literature.

— Jack

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